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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Some common synonyms of reconcile are moving forward, customizing, customizing and customizing. While all these words mean “putting one thing in tune with the other,” reconciliation involves demonstrating the underlying compatibility of things that seem incompatible. She will be convinced that there is no reconciliation to be expected. So we did Planned Parenthood in calculating reconciliation. You can use this bill once a year and we have used it for that. She had walked down the street to give more splendor to reconciliation. The sacrifice of atonement (in the case of a man), initially referred to as reconciliation or unification of the aliens, is now mainly used, as in theology, in the sense of sacrifice, sacrifice or suffering sufficient to obtain forgiveness or to compensate for a crime; particularly distinctive of Christ`s sacrificial work in his humiliation, suffering and death. Atonement is the permanent and total punishment of an injustice or a crime. Propaganda is a victim, acting or a victim, that the power in place makes to the perpetrator of the offence. Satisfaction in this context refers to the rendering of a complete legal equivalent for the forgery. Propaganda appeases the legislator; Satisfaction is in accordance with the requirements of the law.

While synonyms correspond and overlap in meaning, conformity applies to inseration in accordance with a model, example or principle. Reconciling with someone is repairing a broken relationship. It can happen between two people, like old friends who have fallen. Or maybe it can happen between groups, for example. B of the warring factions in a country. Reconciliation is generally designed to create more than just a ceasefire. If there is true reconciliation, the two former hostile parties become respectful of each other and, ideally, friends. They were imbued with the anti-communism of the Spanish Civil War.

They sided with the United States and supporters of the former Batista regime, so the problems began as a political, non-religious confrontation, yes, the Castros have changed, but so has the Church, and that is why reconciliation is now possible. I do not care to reconcile the various relationships. She will open her heart to him if she encourages him, she will eventually hope that she can reconcile. And she participates in reconciliation, the devil she does! “Reconciliation of his checkbook and his statement of account” The emperor contributed more than all the Japanese prime ministers gathered to promote reconciliation, these efforts to restore the dignity of Japanese victims also helped the nation regain a dignity that remains threatened by revisionists. When I succeeded with one of them, they were sure to come after an hour or two and start a reconciliation. The nominic form of reconciliation is reconciliation, which refers to the process of reconciliation. It is also the name of a Catholic sacrament that contains the confession of sin.

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