Api Reseller Agreement

Alberta Msfaa Agreement
April 8, 2021
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Buy
April 8, 2021

Confidential information: refers to any information that you will share with Zendesk or Zendesk and that is available in tangible form and identified as “confidential” (or of a similar caption) or that a reasonable person would consider confidential given the nature of the information and circumstances of the disclosure, including, but not only, information relating to Zendesk`s security policies and procedures. For the purposes of this agreement, this agreement and service data are considered confidential information. Notwithstanding the above, the confidential information does not contain information already known to the receiving party at the time of disclosure by the public party; (b) has been obtained or received by the receiving party by a third party whose receiving party does not know that it is required to respect this information; (c) the public is or becomes available to the public only in violation of this agreement or any other valid agreement between the parties; or (d) has been or will be developed independently of the receiving party, without using the confidential information of the revealing party. 3.5 You agree that Zendesk Group and third parties used by Zendesk Group to provide you with the Services have the right to access your account and use the service data, modify, reproduce, distribute, display and disclose it, to the extent necessary to provide the Services, including, without restriction, in response to your requests for assistance. All third parties used by the Zendesk Group will only have access to your account and service data if reasonably necessary for the provision of the Services, and will be subject to confidentiality obligations that are economically reasonable and essentially comply with the standards described in point 3.2 above; and (b) their consent to comply with the restrictions on the transmission of personal data set out in point 3.3. Related services: products, services, functions and functions designed for service-related use, but are not included in the service plan to which you subscribe, including, but not exclusively, the integrations and applications created or developed by Zendesk or its affiliates and made available in the Zendesk marketplace (available on www.zendesk.com/apps) governed by this Contract, unless Zendesk communicates to you another agreement at the time of your availability or access to integration or application.

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