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Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (United Kingdom) has been appointed Permanent Chairman of the Naval, Navy and Air Committee, based in Fontainebleau, France. The commanders-in-chief designated were General Jean de Lattre of Tassigny (France) as C-in-C, Land Forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir James Robb (UK) as C-in-C, Air Force and Vice-Admiral Robert Jaujard (France) for the Navy, as Flag Officer Western Europe. [11] Volume 3 of The Life of Nigel Hamilton at Montgomery von Alamein provides a good report on the disagreements between Montgomery and Lattre, which caused much unease at the headquarters. The High Contracting Parties may, by mutual agreement, invite any other State to join this treaty under conditions to agree between them and the state thus invited. After the Second World War, a military pact was signed in 1948 between Great Britain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. It was the Brussels Treaty. The following year, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established as part of the Washington Treaty. The treaty included a secret agreement in which Britain was to retain Northern Ireland under the United Kingdom in order to protect Europe`s western flank from any Soviet threat. NATO member states were the United States, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Originally, NATO was more a political cooperation than a military pact. Made in Brussels, on this seventeenth March 1948, in English and French, each of these texts also authentic, in a single copy, deposited in the archives of the Belgian government and whose copies certified by that government are transmitted to each of the other signatories.

The provisions of this section set out above do not affect the application of relevant provisions or agreements that impose an alternative method of peaceful settlement. It will come into force on the date of the tabling of the last ratification instrument and will remain in force for fifty years. The treaty was amended at the 1954 Paris Conference because the Treaty establishing the European Defence Community had not obtained ratification by France: the 1952 General Treaty officially made the EZ a precondition for the end of Germany`s Allied occupation, and there was a desire to include Germany in the Western defence architecture. The amended Treaty of Brussels (MBT) transformed the Western Union into the Western European Union (WEU), to which Italy and Germany were admitted. Although the WEU, created by the amended Brussels Treaty, was far less powerful and ambitious than the original Western Union, German accession to weU was deemed sufficient for the occupation of the country to end in accordance with the general treaty. On 23 October 1954, following the rejection of the Treaty establishing the European Defence Community by the French Parliament and the following conferences in London and Paris, the Treaty of Brussels was amended.

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