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December 6, 2020
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December 6, 2020

In order to raise public awareness of international humanitarian law, the ICRC will use the study as part of its regular efforts to familiarize states, armed forces, armed opposition groups and civil society with international humanitarian law. As a first step, the ICRC and partner institutions will organize a series of initiative events around the world to present the study to legal experts and government officials. International humanitarian law of use excludes certain gaps in the protection of victims of armed conflict through treaty laws. These shortcomings are due either to the lack of ratification of the relevant treaties or to the absence of detailed rules on non-international armed conflicts in contract law. The advantage of customary law is that it is not necessary for a state to formally accept a rule in order to be bound to it, as long as the general practice of the state on which the rule is based is “widespread, representative and virtually uniform” and is accepted as law. Only contracts negotiated individually between the parties are not included in BGB`s terms and conditions. However, “negotiating” here means more than just negotiation. The party adopting the terms must seriously submit the content of its terms and conditions to negotiation and give the other party real freedom to defend its own interests and have the real opportunity to influence the content of the terms of the contract. The party indicating the terms must be willing to accept the requested amendments to the agreement and to inform the other party of the content and impact of the clauses. These exceptions are rarely respected. In addition, in its decision of 15 November 2012 (IX ZR 169/11), the Federal Court of Justice decided on the validity of an insolvency clause in a long-term bilateral contract. The Federal Court of Justice has found that, in general, contractual termination clauses relating to the initiation of insolvency proceedings (or its terms) are null and void under the Section 119 German Insolvency Act (InsO), as they prevent the insolvency administrator from using his discretion to pursue a Section 103 InsO contract.

Yes, yes. Penalties or damages that can be liquidated are common and enforceable under German law. There may be a contractual penalty, regardless of whether or not the damage has been caused and its actual amount. The buyer may continue to request the goods ordered in accordance with the BGB`s provisions regarding the sale of goods. In Scandinavian countries, customary law still exists and has great influence. The BGB was amended on January 1, 2018. In accordance with Article 229 of the CESD, the new rules apply only to obligations or contracts concluded after 1 January 2018.

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