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December 10, 2020
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December 11, 2020

An interlocal agreement is a written contract between local authorities such as a city, county, school board or constitutional office. Whenever a public service includes the joint operations and budgets of two or more local authorities, an interlocal agreement must be drawn up and approved by all parties, the governing body of each government – a school board, a city council, a district commission – finalizing the agreement by vote. The Interlocals displayed are those that have been adopted since 2005. and if the right to full ownership and full use, power, power and capacity of such an electrical project is transferred over the originally estimated life of this project, subject to the rights of creditors, one or these legal persons, one or these electricity supply companies or a combination of these utilities, or a combination of it, such a public body or a corporation or both may enter into an agreement or arrangements for an electrical project of this type with the other or the persons involved, and that person may enter into an agreement or agreement with one or more public bodies contracting parties to the interlocal agreement for the creation of such a moral entity. Any such agreement may apply during this period, including, but not limited to an unspecified period, and may contain other conditions and provisions that are consistent with the provisions of this section, as determined by the parties. With regard to entry and delivery on the basis of such an agreement, with the choice of a person or person, with which such a public entity or corporation, or both, may enter into such an agreement, and in the choice of an electrical project to which such an agreement may relate, no public body or corporation is required to respect a general, local or particular status, including, but not only, the provisions provided for in 287.055, or with a designation of a public body that would otherwise require public services, competition negotiations or both. However, in accordance with the second paragraph.b. that corporation is not authorized to acquire wholesale power for resale to a single member of an electricity supplier, since after January 1, 1982, the corporation or one of its members initiated legal proceedings in a state court or a federal court or administrative authority, to the extent that such a purchase or procedure would unintentionally reduce the liability of the electricity supplier in the delivery of that advance. Entity, department, authorization date and status column titles offer filtered drop-downs. Accessibility: Lee County provides documents in formats accessible to optical drawing readers (OCRs). If you have any problems accessing the attached documents, please contact Sam Westen at (239) 533-2112 or and to compel that other person or person, or corporation, or both, to mortgage securities, contractual rights and other property for the benefit of such an electrical project.

Any corporation is also authorized to mortgage or use holders of bonds, debt or other supporting documents issued by that corporation for the debt, such as security for their payment, income, securities, contractual rights or any other property.

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