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December 12, 2020
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December 12, 2020

I also just bought a 2 bed apartment to accommodate a tenant. No matter how painful she becomes, at first she was working on layers full of sheet metal that came into my life, but she never seems to go to work, the first few months of rent was a week late, she parks irreverently, her cat bit fleas and ive, her room stinks, not just a smell that makes her gag physically, and you can feel it throughout the apartment now, the room is stacked with crates and it`s insusible. Where am I asking myself to leave her, given that her contract is until December 1st and it is said that I should cancel 28 days? It`s a license not to provide a lease. Tenants can benefit from additional services such as cleaning, washing or meals. I think if you live in your home with your whole family and you only have one tenant, they should participate, but also the rest of your family. Address – Many people think that as a tenant, you should get mail sent to yourself as “owner`s care.” But that is not the case. “Care” means that the owner is responsible for your mail, which is obviously not the case. Just give your name to the door so that you have sent mail and the address is written as usual. However, if your tenant refuses to pay the higher rent, then (provided the increase is reasonable), you should consider leaving it so that you can find someone else. Either someone who`s willing to pay decent rent, or someone who`s not going to pay your bills like that. If you are a tenant or live in a condominium, you should check your rental agreement to determine if there are conditions for welcoming a tenant.

You may need to get the lease first. You are the only one who can really answer your own question, because it will be you who will deal with the problem, but for what is worth it, I would advise you to have a polite conversation with your tenant and tell you that you need more support, whatever you want, that your tenant helps around the house and, if necessary, a list of the jobs you expect from him. Well, I`m someone who has never had a tenant….. I leave properties on AST….. but I have a number of friends who have/have had tenants. I think I`m a fairly relaxed owner – the life of the IMO is just too short to be petty about “my wash/wash”; “It`s his turn to buy the milk roll/loo/whatever we agreed to share for convenience” – as long as it`s not just one of us who makes/buys TIME, it seems to work well, has never had any discomfort in any way – and that`s the experience with 4 very different tenants in recent years. I recently bought a 2-room apartment, I especially wanted 2 bedrooms because I didn`t want to live alone anymore if I rented a room of which would more or less pay off my mortgage. But none of the tenants I developed, they were all really complicated to live with varying degrees. The last one, which seemed really nice when I showed his turn, turned into a complete nightmare. The first day she moved in and I gave her a key, and I left it while I was on my way to work, when I made all the weed tarpaulin flat, and when I checked the phone bill online for that week, she had completely flushed my phone.

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