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December 14, 2020
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December 15, 2020

Effective delivery can be subdivided into essential services and contract execution applies to contract performance, regardless of the content or type of contract. It is because the law has a policy that business law should be predictable and increase the security of law enforcement. The partial return must be accepted by the other party. In other words, the party at the end of the partial benefit has a real choice to accept or refuse. On the other hand, important benefits are legally applicable to the other party. The payment is made on a different basis from that of the major benefits. It is made on the quantemeuit, which literally means as much as what is deserved. For example, if half of the work is completed, half of the negotiated money would be owed. In the event of an important service, the party who provided the service may recover the amount corresponding to what happened under the contract, provided that the contract is not an overall contract. The price is therefore often payable in such circumstances and the amount deducted represents the cost of repairing the wrong transformation.

If the performance of the performance by both parties, the parties are exempt from the subsequent performance of the contract. Technically, it is known as termination of contract. In legally binding contracts, each party is entitled to expect the agreed contact to be completed. This is the aim of legally binding agreements. When the benefit is due, it is sometimes sufficient for the promisor to propose to fulfil its contractual obligation. This offer is referred to as a tried-and-tested service or, more often, a tender. Therefore, the offer is an offer of services which, of course, is in accordance with contractual terms. If the merchandise is offered by the seller but refused by the buyer, the seller is relieved of another liability, since the merchandise complies with the contract in terms of quantity and quality and can sue the buyer in violation if he wishes.

The reason is that if a person offers to perform, he is ready, willing and able to perform. As a result, an offer of services can replace the actual service and provide full relief. The term “contract performance” means that both the promiseholder and the promise giver have fulfilled their respective obligations imposed on them by the contract. For example, A visits a stationery store to buy a calculator. The trader delivers the machine and A pays the price. The contract would have been discharged by mutual performance. Non-performance or unsatisfactory performance, which essentially deprives the innocent party of the total benefit of the contract or constitutes a breach of conditions, is a violation of the law, which is in the law of the innocent party: the contracting parties must carry out or offer their respective undertakings, unless that benefit is revoked or excused in accordance with the provisions of this Act. or other laws. A contract should be executed on the agreed date and place. Once this is reached, the parties will be automatically unloaded and the contract will finally be reduced. However, there are many other ways to get discharge. For example, it may result from an excuse for non-performance.

In some cases, the tried benefit may also serve as a substitute for the actual benefit and result in a complete termination of the contract.

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