Risk Sharing Agreements Definition

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October 4, 2021
Sale And Purchase Agreement 10Th Edition Pdf
October 5, 2021

These focus on controlling financial spending with pharmaceutical companies, budget situations are reimbursed Cano-Chancel A, Long M, Sparrowhawk K. Risk sharing: what is threatened and what is shared. Value of health. 2010;13 (3): A95. We propose that “risk-sharing schemes” for medicines be seen as agreements between paying agencies and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the impact of new and existing medicines on the paying agency`s budget, either because of uncertainty about the value of the medicine and/or the need to work within limited budgets. In practice, the agreement consists of defining the scope and implementing mutual obligations, both between paying agencies and between pharmaceutical companies, depending on the arrival of an agreed condition – “risk”. The “risk” varies from situation to situation and may include pharmaceutical expenses above agreed thresholds or health benefits from a new product that, in practice, is lower and reduces its value. Toumi M. Zardj, Duvillard R, Jonmi C. .

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