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April 12, 2021
Secondee Agreement Template
April 12, 2021

A standard contract for the supply of electricity C-21, the sending of security, the contracting party establishes in favour of the other contracting party a surety, a creditor or any other guarantee acceptable to the other party, in order to compensate the other party for losses (as provided in Section 17 (a) that could reasonably be expected if the latter is not withdrawn or released. 19. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES (a) Each party assures and guarantees to the other party from the date of this page that: (i) organization. It is properly organized, valid and reputable under the laws of its state of formation and the State of California, and has the power and authority to enter into this agreement and fulfill its obligations under that framework. (ii) No conflict. The performance and provision of this contract, as well as the performance and compliance of the provisions of this Agreement, are not contrary to the law or constitute a violation or failure under (i) its organizational documents; (ii) any agreement or other commitment to which it is bound; (iii) laws or regulations. iii) applicability. x) all measures to be taken by this party or by this party to make this agreement effective have been taken correctly and effectively; (y) this agreement has been duly and effectively approved, exported and delivered on behalf of that party; and (z) this agreement is a legal obligation, valid and binding on the part of this contracting party, which may be executed in accordance with its conditions, subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium or other similar laws, provided, however, that such representations are subject to the adoption of a regulation approving this agreement and that there is no challenge or referendum on this regulation within 30 (30) days after that adoption. iv) No disputes. There is no court order, appeal, appeal or legal process by or before a government authority, arbitral tribunal or other body that is threatened, invoked or invoked by a court or arbitrator of any kind, or by a government authority or government authority that can reasonably expect it or its ability to meet its obligations under this agreement. either compromised or invoked. the validity or applicability of this contract. (b) In addition to the insurance and warranties of Section 19 (a), the host is insured and guaranteed to the supplier from the date of these versions: (i) Electric use.

The host provided the supplier with complete and correct recordings of its electrical use on the site. (ii) the state of the premises. Host has suppliers, as it is a simplified power purchase contract for use especially in rural electrification projects, whether electric or thermal. Electricity purchase contract type C-37 EXHIBIT F INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Insurance requirements for suppliers INDEMNIFICATION PROVISION As part of the consideration of this agreement, the supplier must provide: a.

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