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October 6, 2021
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Next, you need to check for delivery information with DESADV idocs. If the processing is successful, the system establishes or updates the delivery plan in the delivery plan. The IDoc is returned to the EDI base, which updates the status records. I need to receive the idoc information for the delivery planning process that takes place via the ME31L transaction. Like what. WMMBXY idocs (Standard Idocs for Material Movements) You must first identify the type of idoc message related to the movement of goods. I guess if the Schedule contract is processed, some Idocs can be generated or triggered to send details. So I want the information about these idocs. I would like to know what segments the idoc would carry, etc. Switch to the delivery plan modification mode (va32 transaction) and manually find the delivery plan by typing the criteria in the “Other search criteria” section of the change image. If necessary, modify the delivery plan so that it corresponds to the IDoc. The system edits each IDoc in the background taking into account the particularities you have indicated in the customizing. On the basis of IDoc criteria, it determines the contracting entity and the corresponding delivery plan.

The IDocs found are then listed and usually grouped into outgoing and incoming IDocs. Outbound means all IDocs sent by SAP and Inbound means all IDocs sent to SAP. 2) How can I get the IDOC information for delivery with the item details? Two functions are particularly useful for this mask. By clicking on the object key, the business proof of the IDoc is displayed by displaying the object type and the object key. In our case, the object type of the DELINS type IDoc is PurchSchedAgreement, i.e. a purchase plan. If z.B. double-click on the 5500000139 object (= the delivery plan of the IDoc), the corresponding transaction opens automatically – in this case, the purchase delivery plan will be opened in the ME33L transaction. © 2020.

SAP SE or an SAP-related company. All rights reserved. Used with permission from SAP SE. Note that this delivery process uses delivery plans as an example. External agent receipts and self-decounted documents sent by EDI are treated in the same way. This function adds the IDoc to the list of personal items. About the System Menu · My items · The object history allows you to quickly navigate to the relevant IDoc. This feature allows you to email an IDoc to z.B. Please copy this integration script and insert it where you want to insert it The EDI subsystem attached to the SAP system converts the delivery plan to SAP format and breaks down the delivery plan to create an IDoc by hardware number.

. As in the previous views, this function is used to display objects related to the IDoc. This function helps you call help for object services. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as quickly as possible. The EDI database checks the control rate of the IDoc. According to these records and your customizing settings for EDI, each IDoc is transferred by workflow to a function element in the distribution, for example. B IDOC_INPUT_DELINS. .

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