Service Level Agreement Voor Microsoft Online Diensten

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April 12, 2021
Short Operating Agreement
April 12, 2021

5. Claims must be submitted in writing and for reasons to the Message To The Moon Account Manager within 30 business days of the event in question. If the data does not match, the message to the Moon is binding. Average monthly maintenance costs are calculated on the basis of the last three months calculated before the event. The production of ALS is beneficial to contracting parties when the provision of services or products requires long-term cooperation and the nature of the products or services requires a more thorough interpretation of quality guarantees. A name for products or services that can cause significant damage in the event of defective delivery may be provided by ALS. 1. This ALS refers exclusively to the services provided by the Embassy to the Moon. The ICT and telecommunications infrastructure, whether provided or not, including the contractor`s fixed connections and/or peripheral equipment, is not within the scope of this ALS. This is an additional ALS. We distinguish between three types of cloud services: Software As A Service (SAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS) and Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS). Examples of SAAS solutions are Microsoft 365 and the exact online financial package.

An ICT company that creates and offers software itself can rent hardware (IAAS) or hardware with an operating system (PAAS) from a cloud service provider. 3. Message to the Moon pays its payment obligations for compensation within 30 (30) days after the end of the month and after receiving the funds from the operator. billing: control of telephone traffic generated according to the current retail rate, billing of telephone traffic to the customer, collection of payments from KPN Telecom for the use of numbers by callers, payment of royalties for numbers to contractors and assistance features for billing problems; 1. Calamities, disruptions to the operation of the platform due to the influence of service provided by third parties as a result of the misuse of a number, as well as the total or partial malfunction of ICT and telecommunications equipment, with the exception of the platform, are excluded from the platform in order to guarantee its availability. 2. The unavailability of the platform due to scheduled maintenance work ranging from 10 p.m to 8 a.m., downtime due to scheduled maintenance work lasting more than 5 (5) minutes and at least forty-eight hours before, is also excluded by the licensee for the calculation of the availability of the platform. Purchased Office licenses are subject to Microsoft:Microsoft Cloud Agreement Confidentiality Agreement MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 Trust CenterCommissioned Questions Microsoft Service AgreementExisted Service Descriptions Microsoft 365Service Level Agreement for Microsoft Online Services Information Rate: Mandatory notification of phone charges per minute or call for the use of a number; You may have entered into an ALS with us for a specific response time, but if the malfunction is due to your software provider, to give only one example, and we cannot reach it in our own ALS, this is obviously out of our control and you must enter into other agreements with the relevant provider itself.

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