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April 12, 2021
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April 12, 2021

Under the Irish Protocol of the Withdrawal Agreement, Northern Ireland effectively remains in the EU customs union in order to avoid customs controls. The Scottish Government has recommended that the Scottish Parliament not approve legislation on the implementation of the revised withdrawal agreement (EU withdrawal agreement), as there is no democratic mandate in Scotland to leave the EU. The Scottish Parliament decided on 8 January not to approve the bill. The British government`s response is that the backstop is necessary to protect the Good Friday peace agreement and that Northern Ireland is in a unique situation, as it shares a physical border with an EU country. Speaking of Northern Ireland, the SNP is not satisfied with the Irish “backstop” proposal contained in the draft withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May. By “Cliff Edge,” he means what a Brexit without a conclusion at the end of 2020 would be (although a 2020 non-deal is different from a non-deal in 2019 because the withdrawal agreement would be adopted, meaning that the rights of EU citizens would be guaranteed and the regime for Northern Ireland to remain effective in the internal market would be in force). “It is not surprising that it is now reported that the head of the uk government`s legal department resigned precisely because of the withdrawal of the withdrawal agreement and Northern Ireland. MEPs from the Scottish National Party and plaid Cymru voted against the UK`s exit from the EU at the European Parliament session in Brussels on Wednesday. After a historic parliamentary battle in which Theresa May`s plans to withdraw were rejected three times in 2019 and eventually led to her resignation as prime minister last July, the law enacting Mr Johnson`s similar plan has benefited from a much smoother transition to the code. Paragraph 10 stated that it was still committed to the implementation of the withdrawal agreement.

🇪🇺🇬🇧 Brexit withdrawal agreement, which will be presented @Europarl_EN next week in plenary with a positive recommendation @EPInstitutional MEPs Brexit: draft agreement on the future right of relations for Britain, says May, may The dispute over the impact of the law on the withdrawal agreement could be resolved, either by subsequent amendments in the Lords or by an agreement with the EU – and discussions on both are ongoing.

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