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April 12, 2021
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April 13, 2021

If you notice signs of degradation that could allow access to parasites, or that have probably been caused by parasites (this is especially important for things like wired wiring), your landlord is required to do the necessary work in a timely manner. If you are a tenant with a landlord who does not react, do not allow yourself to affect your well-being by their negligence. Take care of the problem by diy methods or by planning an appointment with a pest control service. Typically, the landowner is responsible for controlling pests and vermin (for example. B rats, mice and termites). The exception occurs when the presence of the pest is due to a tenant`s budget mismanagement or lack of cleanliness. We rent a 4-storey house with the option to buy. In the six months we have been here, there have been a number of problems. We have to keep the bedroom doors closed and use small heaters when it was cold. The owner said we didn`t know how to make the thermostat. Thank God it was the end of winter, but summer has arrived. No air.

We had to put window units in this beautiful brick house until she arranged a service call. We stayed here at that time (July) for about 5 months. The owner bought a new ac unit. It worked for a day or something, and then the whistles literally freeze. It`s been over a month. But there is no air. The roof is leaking here and there. She had it repaired. Keller`s flooded. It was cleaned and I built a dam.

No more flooding. My main argument is pest control. It`s summer. The yards take over, not to mention spiders and worms. Yes, I said verses. The basement has brown worms. She refuses to call an exterminated man. We pay $1175.00 a month to live in a hot house infested with worms and leaks. We`re clean people. Do a lot of work. This property is being looked after. Inside and out.

What do we do now? question…. My daughter bought a house house in a trailer park. She just lived and paid Lot`s rent for three months. She has a serious problem with a very aggressive washing family!! I mean aggressive as a few nights ago, they chased her and my grandchild around her to her car!! Owner said not to take responsibility and try local control of the animals. We say they don`t tell them and go to pay for an expensive pest control business. My daughter is disabled by a car accident and can`t afford to call her.

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