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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020

Unlike the structure of a good work reference, an end-of-work contract must follow government laws and regulations to be effective. Continue reading to see what are the pros and cons of a joint dismissal. As an alternative to dismissal or dismissal, both parties who have signed an employment contract may also agree to terminate their employment relationship with a redundancy contract. This has several advantages for both parties. End-of-work contracts are legal documents that should be prepared by a qualified person. This may be someone in a company`s staff department or legal department. Two important considerations to consider in the development of the agreement are when an agreement takes effect and whether or not a “cooling period” is included in the treaty. But it is not just one employer that benefits from this mutual agreement. Employees have more time to discuss their options and abhor them to a fitness that suits them before leaving the workplace.

A redundancy contract gives employees time to develop their next stage of employment. It is a less abrupt form of resignation than getting the famous pink note. Check the terms of your contract to obtain a termination or termination clause. Some contracts are automatically terminated after a fixed term or event, and some may be revoked without the agreement of another party. If your contract is terminated in the near future, you can simply terminate the contract. If your contract has a favourable termination clause, a termination may not be necessary. Layoffs are common due to downsizing, “reducing violence” or “redundancy.” These are not technically classified as fire fires; The laid-off positions are laid off and not reoccupied, either because the company wants to reduce its size or operation, or because it has no economic stability to keep its position. In some cases, a laid-off employee may at some point be offered his or her former job by his or her respective company, although he may have found a new job at that time. Laws to end employment are quite complex, both in China and elsewhere. Procedures for dismissal of workers should be supervised by experts specialising in this specific area. Under Chinese law, employers are not allowed to dismiss their employees unilaterally and without substantial cause.

For this reason, we recommend that employers carefully consider the reasons for dismissal before informing workers of their dismissal. The legality of the termination is determined by its reason. It also defines the grounds for dismissal and the amount of severance pay. If the grounds for dismissal are found to be unreasonable, we recommend that both parties agree to an agreement on termination. Part of most contracts is that you have what is called a “cooling time.” This means that you have the option to terminate your current contract and reconsider your needs. You may be able to add terms or adjust others that don`t meet your needs. This must be done within a specified time frame. You may know of such conditions for other contracts such as your phone or electricity supplier, but some people are not aware that this is also the case for termination by mutual agreement. An agreement with an employer is certainly better than being fired, but it could also be a long process for an employee. If, for whatever reason, a worker has to leave work quickly or take a new job, negotiations related to the development of a joint dismissal could take longer than to get your communication back to normal. Dismissal without prejudice: an unprejudiced dismissal means that an employee has been dismissed for reasons other than performance, behaviour or hiring in the workplace, such as in the case of dismissal.

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