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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020

The votes were voted 67.61% in favour and 32.39% against, reflecting political tensions within the Union. The three-year agreement, which was reached after six weeks of negotiations, is now destined to be ratified by the expected members. Once ratified, the new agreement will be concluded retroactively to July 1. SAG-AFTRA members can only work on a project if the studio, production company or producer has signed the corresponding SAG-AFTRA agreement. The elusive elusiveness could result in hefty fines. While this article attempts to lay the groundwork for the common treaties, it is by no means a complete summary or a complete list of SAG-AFTRA agreements. There are always areas of shadow after the state and the project, and you should always read your agreements carefully and check them out. “Creating safe, dignified and fair jobs in an industry where nudity and privacy are often part of the job is a challenge, but not insurmountable,” the foundation said in a statement. “Therefore, the fact that SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP have reached an agreement that does not include important health and safety measures is deeply disappointing and dangerous.” Under the agreement, Equity may represent “recorded and/or produced work to be exhibited on a digital platform, either as a replacement for a live theatre production that cannot take place because of the pandemic, or for a partial virtual/digital audience that complements a live audience during the pandemic period.” Two of the largest U.S. unions representing performing artists, the Actors`Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA, reached an agreement on November 19 on the responsibility for streaming theatre productions during the pandemic. Unlike other signatories, the New Media Agreement does not require minimum compensation. Initial compensation is fully tradable under the SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement for productions that do not meet the high budget threshold. Although there are no minimum requirements under the agreement, there are local, state and federal minimum wage laws that need to be monitored because they are still in place.

The payment is due to the exporter no later than five working days after the working time. The SAG and Health Or AFTRA Health and Pension Contributions are due on the negotiated severing pay of 17%. The fact that an agreement has been reached could be a product of the COVID 19 era. The players in AMPTP are so different – Amazon and Apple are streamers, NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of a cable group, Sony TV is primarily a supplier of B2B – that it is difficult to make a deal work, said the source close to the unions, who added: “Without the pandemic, SAG-AFTRA would have gone on strike.” This agreement also requires that the remains be paid in accordance with subsequent guidelines and tariff calculations in accordance with the basic agreement, as soon as the residual requirements are met and payment is to begin.

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