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December 19, 2020
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December 19, 2020

When is it reasonable to organize a trial adoption and how can it be done? If you wish to adopt, you must complete an adoption agreement and pay the $300 adoption fee. The $100 deposit is paid at the adoption fee. We also ask you to bring the collar and leash made available during the test phase. We want to use these items for other rescue operations. Once you have completed the adoption agreement and paid the adoption fee, we will provide you with your new family member`s medical records, veterinary notebook and microchip information. If you decide that the dog is not the right fit for your family, you must bring it back to our facility. The $100 goes to the rescue. The dog must be returned during the one-week or exactly one-week trial period from the date you signed the trial agreement. In our complex, there is a large fenced park where you can meet the dogs you are interested in, or we can take them to our office if the weather conditions are not good. Using the information you`ve provided about the app and conversations, we help you find yourself with the dog we think is best suited to your family and lifestyle.

If you are interested in adopting an adult dog, we allow you a one-week trial period so you can get to know it and decide if you want to make it a stable member of your family. During the one-week trial period, we provide food, cervix and leash. There is a trial agreement to be completed and a non-refundable down payment of $100.00 is required. How many days should a trial version last? We recommend 2-3 nights for a while as the adoptive family can spend quality time with the “test dog”. Adopter accepts that PPAR retains the right to contact Adopt at its sole discretion to visit the dog and find that these adoption requirements are met. By signing this agreement, Adopt PPAR and/or its designated agent authorize the removal of the dog from the Adopt site in case of breach of contract or extension of its puppy. If the adopted determines that the dog is not suitable during this trial period, Adopt must inform the PPAR in order to agree on an acceptable date/time for both parties for the dog`s return. The adoption fee, which is granted at the beginning of the “test test”, is refunded upon adoption when the dog is returned to its original state at the beginning of the “test visit”.

This agreement between Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue (PPAR) and Adopter is intended to cover adoption of test dogs. I understand and agree that this spay/castrant agreement is an obligation that this dog will not produce puppy throws, whether they are raised intentionally or by accidental breeding. Adopt can inform PPAR of its wish to complete the transaction and finalize the adoption of the dog at any time during the “test visit” by notifying PPAR.

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