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How to apply for housing The link to the housing application form will be sent to you by your department. The application for accommodation must be requested from the international office at least two months before your arrival. The form can also be filled out for you by the department secretary. Can`t participate in your selection period? Your roommate can automatically act as a PROXY for you. A proxy is a person who can make your choice of apartment for you. If you don`t have a roommate, you can name someone other than a proxy by filling out the proxy form. Let a housing employee know if you can`t find a proxy. Towson University has agreed with Aspen Heights, a new off-campus residential building, to provide additional near-campus housing for students in the coming academic year. Students who wish to live in a residential complex or a Sigma Nu for the 2020-2021 must first enter into a housing contract. The management of the house will take control and file a rolling table with the Housing Authority.

The houses are only open to sorority/Sigma Nu residents during the fall and spring semesters (closed during the Thanksgiving, winter and spring holidays). A limited number of accommodations are available via Vestide for PhD students and PDEng students. As the number is very limited, we cannot guarantee accommodation with Vestide. If Vestide does not have rooms available or you need family accommodation, we will inform you of how to arrange accommodation through the private market. TU/e has booked a number of accommodations for students in exchange with Vestide and Friendly Housing. It is not possible to apply for accommodation at a particular housing agency. You can`t see your room before. However, if you have any questions about the room you have been offered, you can contact the International Relations Office. Exchange students are offered accommodation with community institutions. This means you have a private room, but you share the bathroom and kitchen with other students. In the Netherlands, it is customary for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate housing for boys or girls.

Please note that you must pay the full rent for the semester when booking in advance. Complete the housing application online by doing this: Note: Students who do not receive accommodation will be reimbursed or deposited into their university accounts, provided they cancel their housing application until July 5, 2021. What happens after you receive your application? When we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation email. A few weeks before your arrival, we will inform you of the offer of accommodation with Vestide. If there is no accommodation with Vestide, we will inform you of how you can arrange accommodation via the private market. You can also find this information below under “Tricks and Tricks” on this page. LONG STAY HOUSING (6 to 12 months) Regular leases generally have a minimum stay of 6 to 12 months. “For this agreement to work, TU and MEDCO – TU`s share, which is primarily funded by latent spending and other non-solvency payments – will allocate the expected operating deficit of $2.3 million to help students and families,” the university said. Eindhoven is a dynamic, young city with a large and growing population of students and expatriates. In recent years, many apartments have been built for expatriates in Eindhoven. Also accommodation for short-term expatriates.

On this page, we inform you on how to arrange your accommodation in Eindhoven.

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