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October 12, 2021
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October 13, 2021

The Student Office began its work in April 2018 and took over the Office of Equitable Access (OFFA). Access agreements up to and including 2018-2019 have been approved by the Fair Access Office (OFFA). In determining the amount of the penalty, the Director took into account the active approach of the new university college management, which highlighted the violation of the Student Office in May 2018, as well as the measures agreed to by the University College Board of Governors in August 2018 in response to the independent review of expenses related to access agreements. These measures set out, among other things, how the University College plans to eliminate problems, including governance, that may have led to non-compliance with the provisions of its plans and, in particular, to the non-allocation of amounts committed for the access objective. The Fair Access Office (OFFA) identified the breach by monitoring the 2016-17 access agreements. We have a searchable database with access agreements from all suppliers. The strategy for extending the university`s participation is defined in our Access and Participation Plan with the Student Office (OfS) and is overseen by the University`s Access and Participation Strategy Group. The access and participation plan covers the entire student life cycle, from increasing student admission rates to higher education to improving enrolment and graduation rates and supporting higher level employment or other studies. The director decided that a financial need of £66,000 should be withheld from the university`s scholarship in 2018-19. From the list displayed, please select the corresponding access agreement for the year you are interested in. These include the RAU access and participation plan for the academic year 2020-21 to 2024-25, approved by the Student Office (OfS) in September 2019.

The OFFA was concluded at the end of March 2018, but many of these agreements remain in force and the Student Office is now responsible for them. A database containing access agreements is also available via the OfS website. The details of the access agreement violations we have discussed are listed below. Currently, no minor violations of the Access Agreement are reported. Any institution wishing to require more than the basic contribution rate must submit an access and participation plan to the Student Secretariat (OfS). An approved access and participation plan is also a prerequisite for registration with the OfS for certain categories of suppliers. Higher education institutions that wished to collect more than a certain level of tuition fees had to obtain “access agreements” from OFFA that indicate how the provider wished to maintain or improve access, student success and progress for people from under-represented and disadvantaged groups. OfFA monitored the implementation of these agreements and took action in the event of a breach of the agreements. This scheme allowed higher education institutions to collect tuition fees in the amount of £0 to £3,000.

(These ceilings were raised in 2010)) At the time this policy was debated, there were serious concerns that the level of debt that new graduates would face could deter some potential students from entering higher education as a whole. That is why, as part of the debate, the government decided to set up a regulatory authority to ensure that higher education institutions take steps to ensure that such a deterrent does not occur. . . .

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