Wilson Parking Agreement

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December 21, 2020
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December 22, 2020

With epark, you can start and stop your parking from your phone, pay with your credit card and not have to display paper tickets on your dashboard. For full booking conditions, please www.wilsonparking.com.au/terms Click here to register and request monthly parking from us. The Parking Enforcement Officer verifies your registration with the active sessions in epark. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the vehicle registration for the parking session in your application matches the car you parked. Wilson Parking must transfer Commission-approved car rentals to a buyer authorised by the Commission. It must also notify the Commission of all plans to acquire new car parks in Wellington Central for the next five years. In order to close the proceedings, Wilson Parking has made legal commitments to the Commission and has committed to transfer the leases to three parking options it currently operates, including the Capital Car park. The total number of parking spaces sold is 850. Wilson Parking will also pay $500,000 for the Commission`s costs.

epark is a pay-by-Phone Park app. It can be used on Wilson Parking toll and display car parks in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. Get the latest updates and offers right in your inbox, as well as quarterly messages about any parking lot. Subscribe to Wilson News. To start a parking session, select your parking from the map or list. If you are unsure of the parking lot you are in, check the parking signs for a reference code (z.B. WAPER127). Then select “Start My Parking” to start parking at the occasional rates, or choose an appropriate prepaid product if it`s available. In June 2016, Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited acquired the long-term lease for the capital car park (50-60 Boulcott Street), which included 659 publicly available parking spaces. It did not request the Commission`s authorization for the acquisition of the lease. For all parking, advertising or collaboration management options in our car parks, send us an email to bd@wilsonparking.com.sg for our sales and marketing team to provide a comprehensive solution to all your needs. Starting October 28, 2016, Velocity members will collect 2 Velocity attendance points for every $1 spent through Wilson One for valet parking.

Points are awarded within 35 days of payment. Velocity points are collected on the amount of parking product purchased without GST. You do not receive Velocity points for a fee, access device, administration or other additional fees and royalties at the price of the park product. To earn Velocity points, the De Velocity member must be the person making the purchase, and the member`s name and first name must match the account name registered by Wilson Parking for the Wilson One Members Service Centre. Velocity members must enter their Velocity membership number through the Wilson One Members Service Center and use their De Velocity membership name to earn points. The total number of parking spaces abandoned by Wilson was 850, including 659 in the Capital car park. The epark app sends push notifications to your phone every 30 minutes to remind you that your occasional parking session is still going on. You can customize the frequency of these notifications by selecting “Options” and updating your reminder settings in the app. If you`ve selected a product with a preset period like Earlybird, All Day, Night or Weekend Parking, you don`t need to cancel your session. The parking session takes place automatically when the preset time is reached.

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